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Regional Supplier of Dry Ice Products and Dry Ice Services. NE United States, VA, Wash.DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME and VT.

About Us

From Maine to Virginia you can count on Dry Ice Corp. to provide “uninterrupted” supply of your “essential” dry ice products!


regionalMapDry Ice Corp. is the largest “Regional” supplier of dry ice products and customized delivery services in the Northeastern United States. We provide “Customized Packaging with Customized Distribution” to many of the world’s leading Pharma, Biotech, Research Universities, Research Labs, Government Labs, Diagnostic, Blood Banks, Order Fullfillment, Home Delivery, Food Distribution, Ice Cream, Dairy, Catering and Dry Ice Blast Cleaning companies.

Dry Ice Manufacturing & CO2 Sources – Fresh Dry Ice!

DryIceFreshWe partner with several of the world’s largest industrial gas companies that provide CO2 and Dry Ice products to us for further distribution by our experienced delivery personnel from our fleet of over 100 delivery vehicles. Our supply partners have dry ice manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the Northeast. These industrial gas companies provide reliable sources of CO2 from their vast network of CO2 sources and distribution points located throughout the United States.

There are only 3 dry ice manufacturing plants located in the Northeast and we are supplied the majority of our dry ice products from these manufacturing facilities. The dry ice products supplied by other dry ice suppliers into the Northeast come from manufacturing plants located from 300 to over 1,000 miles away! This has a direct impact on product freshness that is critical to the effectiveness of dry ice for your dry ice applications!

Our primary supplier is one of the world’s largest industrial gas companies and provides reliable CO2 supply and dry ice products to us from the “only” CO2 source in the Northeast.


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truck2When you choose Dry Ice Corp. as your dry ice supplier you will be provided “local” service from one of our five dry ice branches strategically located throughout the Northeast!

These services are provided from our branches in; Baltimore, MD – Philadelphia, PA – Maspeth (New York City), NY – Branford, CT and Rockland (Boston), MA


pelletManufacturingWe specialize in providing our customers with very high levels of service, fresh dry ice products and timely, reliable customized distribution. Our customized delivery services, from one delivery per week to seven deliveries per week, are provided by our professional D.O.T. trained “dedicated” delivery personnel.

We provide standard bulk product dock delivery along with customized on-site delivery of small volumes directly to the lab and research areas within your facilities. This “value” added service along with reliable standard service has confirmed us as the supplier of choice for most of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the Northeast. If you are not enjoying the benefits of this “value” added service, please contact us for a review of your current dry ice supply program.

Innovation in Packaging, Products & Containers

“Fifth Cuts”

miniblocksPackaged and sealed with Dry Ice Warning information.




blockcutsPackaged and sealed with Dry Ice Warning information.


Customized Dry Ice Storage and Distribution Container Systems

We have also introduced an upgraded version of the standard Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container, Model HR 11P, that is used for on-site storage of dry ice products. This upgraded proprietary ERGO-400 container system, provides all of the benefits of the standard dry ice storage containers including durable all polyethylene construction with foamed in place polyurethane insulation.

The ERGO-400 system, however, also includes the patented Flx-Seal cover that is “light as a feather” and very easy to use for all members of the research community. The Flx-Seal cover replaces the heavier all polyethylene cover.

The system also includes many other features and benefits. Please contact us to review the projected savings (15% – 30%) that can be expected when we implement the ERGO-400 system for your company.

Transition Implementation – from 100 to 100,000 lbs. you can count on Dry Ice Corp. to provide seamless transition for your dry ice requirements! Same size font as other sections i.e.  Customized Dry Ice Storage and Distribution Container Systems as above.

Because of our regional strength and the manufacturing capacity of our supply partners we are able to transition significant volume without any concerns for product supply. And because of our extensive distribution network we have no concerns related to our ability to distribute products to your company…. to one location in New York or multiple locations from Baltimore to Boston! Also because of our six branch network and “local” sales personnel we are able to “guarantee” site visits, along with review and implementation of your dry ice supply requirements and seamless transition to Dry Ice Corp.


emergencyMeltingDry Ice Corp. provides customized “Business Continuity Plans” (BCP) to customers upon request. We have developed this BCP for major Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Distribution and Research organizations that require uninterrupted supply of dry ice for standard and emergency requirements.

A very important part of your customized BCP is the ability for Dry Ice Corp., in the case of any interruption in supply from a “local” Dry Ice Corp. branch, to bring product from the next closet branch (six locations) and/or the next closet manufacturing supply partner facility (five locations) in the Northeast. In case of severe emergency (catastrophic event) we also have supply partner facilities located outside the Northeast to provide dry ice products.

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“Best Practices-Dry Ice”

We provide a “Total Dry Ice Supply Program” to many of the Northeast’s leading companies that utilize dry ice refrigeration. From the largest companies to emerging and start-up companies with volume requirements from 100 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. per week we provide the highest levels of service and freshest dry ice products.

Our Total Dry Ice Supply Program includes Dry Ice Corp.’s “Best Practices-Dry Ice” Comprehensive Guide. This comprehensive guide provides programs that, when implemented with our on-site seminars, result in significant, 5% to over 30%, savings in dry ice volume requirements!

These programs include; Just In Time Manufacturing (JIT), First In-First Out (FIFO) Product Rotation, On-Site Inventory Management, Custom Designed On-Site Dry Ice Insulated Container Systems, Guidelines to Minimize Sublimation, Safety Programs and our award winning 3M Program. The 3M Program is designed to Monitor how your dry ice is used, Measure the amount required and Minimize your overall investment for dry ice products.

Our “local” Senior Account Managers and Branch Managers have, on average, 20 plus years of experience in implementing and developing our dry ice supply programs.

A Power Point presentation, Dry Ice Corp.’s “Total Dry Ice Supply Program” Customized Packaging – Customized Distribution, provides an overview of our manufacturing, distribution and service capability and is available to you at our first meeting to review and discuss your dry ice requirements.

We look forward to working with you to implement the programs that will assist you in utilizing your dry ice products as cost effectively as possible. Please call/email us with any questions and to set up your initial consultation so we can help you to analyze and review your current or future application and to maximize your investment for dry ice products.

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