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How Dry Ice is Changing the Medical Cleaning Field

How Dry Ice is Changing the Medical Cleaning Field

dry ice medical cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning can be used on a small scale to help keep medical equipment and tools clean.

Keeping medical tools and equipment clean and sterile is of the utmost importance to fighting the spread of disease and infection in hospitals and doctors offices. For that exact reason, the industry standards and government oversights are stringent and demanding. Advances in dry ice blasting technology have made this technique a viable option for widespread use in medical cleaning applications.

Why It Works for Medical Cleaning

As we’ve described before, dry ice blasting works by propelling CO2 particles using compressed air. When the particles contact the surface being cleaned they convert from a solid to a gas that expands rapidly and removes the contaminant. Like with other applications, using dry ice blasting for medical cleaning works because the CO2 is gentle on the surface being cleaned, and does not leave any debris. Dry ice blasting can operate at anywhere from 20 to 300 PSI, or pounds per square inch, making it great for use on fragile equipment.

Dry Ice Corp: A Dry Ice Supplier in Maryland

Dry Ice Corp is the largest regional supplier of dry ice products and customized delivery services in the Northeastern United States, from Virginia all the way up to Maine. And because our dry ice is supplied by manufacturing plants located right here in the Northeast, we can guarantee freshness. Other suppliers, meanwhile, get their dry ice from manufacturing plants as much as 1,000 miles away, which has a direct impact on product freshness. Ready to get your dry ice? Click here!

Dry Ice Corp provides the highest levels of service and freshest dry ice products.

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