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Handling Dry Ice on New Year’s Eve

Handling Dry Ice on New Year’s Eve

How to Handle Dry Ice on New Year's Eve

Make sure you keep safety in mind when handling dry ice this New Year’s Eve.

There are many ways to use dry ice on New Year’s Eve. From having its presence to create a fun and mysterious mood to using it to store perishables, the possibilities are nearly endless.

But it’s important to exercise proper safety measures to ensure that you, your family and any visitors stay safe and don’t wind up in the emergency room. As fun as it is, dry ice is not a toy and needs to be handled with care.

Do’s and Don’ts for Dry Ice on New Year’s Eve

  • Don’t touch the dry ice with bare hands! This is perhaps the biggest mistake people make when dry ice is around. Their seems to be some kind of natural instinct to try and touch or even play with dry ice in the same way people play with bubble wrap. This could hardly be a bigger mistake. You’ve probably witnessed doctors using dry ice to burn off warts, so what does that tell you? If you’re going to handle dry ice, it’s very smart to use tongs or gloves. Otherwise, frostbite calls.
  • Don’t put dry ice in anything made of glass. Glass can shatter from the cold dry ice. Plastic bowls are far superior, though you should make sure to put them on a wooden cutting board so the dry ice does not destroy the surface underneath.
  • Don’t place dry ice directly into punch bowls or cocktail glasses, because it increases the risk of someone getting a piece in their mouth or swallowing it. Placing a smaller punch bowl inside a larger punch bowl then dispersing the dry ice around the outside of the punch bowl is a much better bet.
  • Use only warm water over the dry ice cubes to trigger the thick fog.
  • Don’t try to break down ice pieces with a knife or a hammer, but rather buy the size of dry ice that you plan to use from the very beginning.
  • Always place dry ice in a well-ventilated area. It is made of carbon dioxide and can cause asphyxiation.
  • Don’t try to dispose of dry ice until it has released all its vapors. Do leave the dry ice in its vessel until the fog stops, signaling it has released its gases.

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