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Dry Ice Safety Tips for Halloween

Dry Ice Safety Tips for Halloween

Dry Ice Safety Tips for Halloween

While planning your dry ice Halloween decorations, don’t forget about safety.

With Halloween three weeks away, you may not be thinking about how to prepare for your Halloween party or haunted house decorations. However, an excellent show takes time to plan, so you may already be busy with preparations. In the midst of your Halloween festivities, do not forget to be mindful of safety, especially if you plan to add the dramatic flair of dry ice. Below are several dry ice safety tips for Halloween you would be wise to take.


When preparing to use dry ice, it is best to obtain it the day that you intend to use it. Dry ice is constantly sublimating, so the sooner you use it, the better. Dry Ice Corp. delivers the dry ice you need right to your door, so you do not have to worry about how to transport the stuff with you in your car. If riding with dry ice in the car, it is imperative that you keep the windows cracked and store the dry ice in an insulated, but not airtight, container. Even while you have it at home, keeping the dry ice in an insulated cooler in a ventilated room will keep your house from toxic levels of carbon dioxide gas.


When handling, practicing dry ice safety tips will keep everyone protected from its chilling effects. Wear heavy gloves or use tongs to avoid burning your hands. Keep away from children, who could grab or touch the dry ice and also get injured. 

Use Indoors

At the time of the event, you may plan to have spooky fog seeping into the halls or in several rooms. Again, make sure that the windows are cracked with this much sublimated carbon dioxide in the house. Be as creative as you want, but do it safely! Whether the dry ice is located inside a pumpkin, a prop, a room, or in a punch bowl, allow sufficient airflow in those places.

Use in Beverages

No matter whether your party is a Halloween one or not, dry ice smoke in drinks is always cool (pun not intended.) When using frozen carbon dioxide in punch, put the dry ice chunks or pellets in a larger bowl and place the punch bowl within that. This way, no one will accidentally drink dry ice, which would be a possibly life-threatening ordeal. If you carbonate your own beverages with it, make sure the dry ice has fully sublimated before serving. With these dry ice safety tips, your fun will be exponentially greater.

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