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Halloween Escape Room: DIY

Halloween Escape Room: DIY

Halloween Escape Room: DIY

Create the ultimate Halloween party experience through a DIY escape room.

Halloween is that one time of the year when you can unleash your creative genius in costume and home. Hosting a Halloween party, you have the freedom to transform your location as much or little as you like into a spooky, eerie scene. If you and your guests are looking for adventure, planning a Halloween escape room would be the perfect solution. The steps are simpler than you might imagine.

Plan Backward

The best way to go about planning an escape room is to do so backward. Start with the goal of the game: to escape from the room. Depending on the layout of your house, the game does not have to stay in one place alone but can span a series of connected rooms. In any case, there must be a lock the players must unlock. You can use a simple bike lock for the task. The number of elements that are needed to unlock this lock (for example, four digits,) will determine the minimum number of clues you need to set up for the game.  

Set the Scene

However, an escape room experience is not made of a series of problems followed by the solution. It is the immersion into a story in which your guests are main characters. Create a story or set up a situation suitable for Halloween. Turn your home into an abandoned haunted house with an angry ghost on your trail, or the house of a foreboding professor who is away at a Halloween party and is coming back within the hour. Your theme of choice will help you choose fitting props and puzzles.


As this is an immersive experience, make sure to set up puzzles involving the senses. Sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste should come into play with variety. There are different types of problems one can set up, like mathematical games, decoding games, riddles, hidden objects, and teamwork games. The Internet has escape room kits that you can download and use for the games also.


Lastly, consider your audience. Is this for kids or adults? Your puzzles and the scary-level of the game will be different depending on this factor. Either way, have fun planning your Halloween escape room and make it a fun experience for all involved.

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