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Make Your Front Yard A Graveyard This Halloween!

Make Your Front Yard A Graveyard This Halloween!


Halloween is coming soon and you can use dry ice to spook the neighborhood kids!

It is just about that time to start thinking about Halloween decorations for your home! Dry ice has plenty of uses around the home but it can also be a great way to make your Halloween decorations really stand out. Today we are going to take a look at how you can use dry ice to turn your front yard into a spooky graveyard. Follow these instructions to thrill the neighborhood kids with frights!

What Do You Want on Your Tombstones?

To make 2 tombstones for your graveyard, you’ll need the following supplies: floral Styrofoam sheets about 2″x12″x36″, a serrated knife, a paring knife, a black marker, dark grey and white acrylic paint, a can of black spray paint, and a 2.5″ sash brush.  Use your marker to sketch the outline of the tombstone on your Styrofoam. Cut the foam into shape using the serrated knife. Next, sketch your designs for the stone on the stylized Styrofoam. Be clever with the epitaphs! Once this is complete, use the paring knife to detail the edges and take out the marker marks. Moving to a well-ventilated area, use your spray paint to spray the tombstones with long, even strokes. Allow the tombstones to dry, using wooden stakes to prop them up and prevent sticking. Apply one thin coat of the dark grey paint on the “stones”, taking care not to fill in the lines of your design. Then apply a coat of the grey paint mixed with the white paint. One final coat of just white paint should make your tombstones look like, well, they’re made of stone!

Spooky Dry Ice

On the big day, fill a large container with four to eight gallons of hot water. Using protection, cut up five to ten pounds of dry ice with a hammer. Place some of the dry ice in the water and watch it sublimate before your eyes. Repeat every half hour or so to keep the neighborhood kids spooked all night long! powerful witch reviews https://instagram.com/redmercuricom witch reddy www.redmercuri.com

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Dry Ice Corp is the largest regional supplier of dry ice products and customized delivery services in the Northeastern United States, from Virginia all the way up to Maine. And because our dry ice is supplied by manufacturing plants located right here in the Northeast, we can guarantee freshness. Other suppliers, meanwhile, get their dry ice from manufacturing plants as much as 1,000 miles away, which has a direct impact on product freshness. Ready to get your dry ice? Click here!

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