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Rare Dry Ice Halloween Ideas

Rare Dry Ice Halloween Ideas

Rare Dry Ice Halloween Ideas

Looking to have Halloween fun this year? Try out these nifty dry ice tricks.

Dry ice is the perfect Halloween fog-maker, even better than a fog machine! Dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, can be used for all kinds of Halloween decorations. Common ones include a fogging punch bowl, a fogging cauldron, and a jack-o-lantern spewing the white mist. While these are fantastic and simple tricks to pull off, you can also try these rare dry ice Halloween ideas.

Dry Ice in a Metal Bowl

If you want not only a spooky look to your home but an eerie sound as well, try putting dry ice in a metal bowl every time a group comes round for trick-or-treat. Depending on the size of the dry ice chunk, the dry ice will instantly start ringing with a strange sound. If the piece is larger, it may produce a low, rattling sound. If it is smaller, the sound may be like a piercing shriek. Do not place dry ice in a bowl of any other material than metal, though; the extremely cold temperature of solid CO2 will cause fine china, glass, and crystal to break.

Dry Ice Candy Bowl

You may have heard of using dry ice in punch bowls before. You can achieve a fogging punch bowl by placing it inside a larger bowl containing pieces of dry ice and warm water. Creating a spooky candy bowl for your trick-or-treaters is similar. Perhaps one can do the same thing as with the punch bowl, but put candy inside it instead. However, another way to set it up is to elevate the candy bowl. Place a metal bowl upside down in the large bowl or cauldron, add the dry ice and warm water, and put the candy bowl on top. Your trick-or-treaters will have an experience to remember!

Dry Ice in the Sink

If you intend to have an indoor Halloween party and want to have some fun, make your kitchen sink the ultimate spooky fog producer. Close the sink drain and fill up the sink with warm water. Next, put in a large handful of dry ice (using gloves of course!) and watch as your kitchen and any adjacent rooms become a fog-filled land. 

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