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Cooking with Dry Ice in 4 Unique Ways

Cooking with Dry Ice in 4 Unique Ways

Cooking with Dry Ice in 4 Unique Ways

Use dry ice in these four unique ways with delicious results.

Dry ice is a substance that works behind-the-scenes, not only literally in theater productions but also in commercial arenas for shipping and sanitizing. Dry ice, in everyday use at home, is excellent for keeping food frozen during a road trip, fishing, or during a power outage. Perhaps dry ice is most famous for its spooky fog in drinks and decorations at Halloween. However, dry ice has even more uses in store, particularly in the realm of cooking. Cooking with dry ice can come about in at least four ways.

1. Seared Seafood or Red Meat

One of the most shocking ways of cooking with dry ice is to sear seafood or red meat with it. Known as cyrogenic cooking, frozen objects as cold as dry ice can transform the nature of what it is cooking and make it safe to eat. Dry ice is -109.3℉, cold enough to burn the fingers of those who touch it. Some cooks in restaurants lay the meat on top of dry ice blocks to prepare. Another way to sear it is to place a container of dry ice under a sheet of foil with butter and oil and put the seafood on top.

2. Scented Vapor

In some fancier restaurants, you may come across a scented vapor offered to you in between courses. This steam is carbon dioxide gas sublimating off of dry ice, which is its solid form. Floral and smoky scents seem to be the most popular. It is possible to create a scented fog from dry ice at home as well. Take a glass, fill it with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and carefully drop in the pieces of dry ice with gloves or tongs.

3. Frozen Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Dry ice can be highly useful in the winter when your favorite crops are no longer in season. Freezing fruits and vegetables in a regular freezer can damage their freshness and make them soggy, but freezing them with dry ice first can preserve them right. All you need to do is place your produce in a container with dry ice pieces, close the lid, and wait 20-30 minutes until the dry ice sublimates and the food is frozen. Storing the fruits and vegetables in the freezer will keep them solid until you need them.

4. Herb Seasoning

Cooking with dry ice can also include creating a pungent seasoning for salads and more. When putting your concoction of herbs into a bowl with dry ice and letting them freeze, you can grind the mix into a powder and add to your dish. The flavors will be exponentially greater. 

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