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Delicious Ways to Use Dry Ice This Summer

Delicious Ways to Use Dry Ice This Summer

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Dry ice can be used to make all your favorite summer desserts!

With summer coming in full bowl-1932375_640force, dry ice may be one of the last things on our mind. Dry ice is a mythical commodity for those who don’t know its full potential, a nifty asset to Halloween decor for spooky fake fog. If you’ve read previous blog posts from us, you would know that dry ice has many commercial and home uses for the whole year round. In this post, we’ll see a few ways dry ice can become a surprisingly sweet portion of your summer.

1. Carbonated Fruit Drinks

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, exactly what we use in carbonated beverages to make them fizzy. When the carbon dioxide interacts with the water in fruit, the fruit absorbs the gas and becomes fizzy. One safe way to enjoy this is through a recipe of sorts from ThoughtCo.com:

Take a plastic bowl, some fruit (sugared and sliced strawberries, sliced apples, sliced banana), and some pellets of dry ice. Put the pellets in the bowl, lay the fruit on top, and wait for at least ten minutes. For strawberry and apple slices, add the carbonated fruits to a drink of your choice, perhaps champagne or juice. For the banana slices, coat in chocolate. Allow the fruits to warm up a bit before consuming, as they will be the same temperature as the dry ice when removed. Maybe carbonated pineapple chunks would work well too! Only one way to find out.

2. Carbonated Dry Ice Ice Cream

Dry Ice can also be used to create summer’s all-too-popular dessert, ice cream. With dry ice involved, the transformation between ingredients and ready-made ice cream will take place in a far shorter time than the usual methods. Combining all your regular ingredients into a bowl, mix in crushed dry ice little by little until the mixture becomes too hard to stir. Since the ice cream will be very cold once the dry ice is mixed into it, you will have to wait until you are able to stir the ice cream. Once it becomes malleable again, it’s ready to be enjoyed!

3. Create Root Beer

This delicious summer beverage can also be made with the help of dry ice. Just like with the ice cream, combine all ingredients (root beer concentrate, cool water, and sugar) into a ventilated container. Add the dry ice, and let the fizz begin! Wait until all the dry ice has sublimated before consuming.

Remember that safety is the number one priority!

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