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Dry Ice for Your Laboratory Needs

Dry Ice for Your Laboratory Needs

Dry Ice for Your Laboratory Needs

Dry Ice Corp. can service your laboratory with your specific dry ice needs.

Dry ice is an essential supply for many industries and businesses, and your laboratory is no different. There are multiple uses for dry ice to satisfy the many needs in your laboratory. Any medical or clinical products that need to maintain a constant cold temperature can be shipped with dry ice. Dry ice is also useful in the event of a power outage. If you’re planning to find a dry ice supplier to meet your laboratory’s needs, keep the following points in mind.

Available In Any Size

When you choose a dry ice provider, find one that offers a range of sizes or even cuts to custom sizing. Many companies offer dry ice pellets that can fill any container around oddly sized items. You may also find that you need additional sizes and shapes of dry ice. Many companies also offer custom-sized blocks that can be used in large shipping containers or as an emergency supply in a specimen refrigerator. 

Convenient Packaging

Before choosing a supplier, determine their packaging options. If you are only using a small quantity of dry ice, this may not seem like a big deal. If you’re getting a large supply routinely, however, it could quickly become an issue. The packaging should allow the gas that results from the sublimation of the dry ice to occur without causing the packing to explode. Containers with wheels for easy transport may also be available in some situations, which can make it easier to store and move high quantities or very large pieces of dry ice. 

Choose High Quality

Since contamination procedures are likely strictly enforced in your laboratory, your dry ice provider should have similar procedures. Anything that you store or send needs to be packaged with high-quality dry ice. That dry ice needs to be pure and sanitary. When you’re choosing a provider, ask about their sanitation methods and their cleanliness practices. 

Keep Dry Ice On Hand

If you are using dry ice in your laboratory on a regular basis, you should choose a supplier that can make routine deliveries or quickly deliver in an emergency. If you have a power outage, having access to dry ice could save possibly weeks of work from being destroyed. For this type of emergency, you should keep dry ice on hand, if you don’t already. 

Dry Ice For All Your Needs

Dry Ice Corp is the largest regional supplier of dry ice and related products in the Northeastern United States. Our dry ice is fresh and delivered right to your doorstep. We are happy to help you determine the best way to ship your goods, whether you have a huge amount of cookies or a single pie, and help you select the perfect amount of dry ice for the job. Give us a call at (201) 767-3200 or contact us online for a quote. To connect with us online, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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