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How Dry Ice Is Used In The Medical Field

How Dry Ice Is Used In The Medical Field

Unknown to most people, dry ice is a versatile material with many applications. Not only is it a useful tool in many industries but in particular, it’s instrumental in the medical field. Primarily dry ice is used for supply transport, cleaning, and storage. Also, it’s a great alternative to regular ice when needed in a hospital or lab setting. In this post, we will go more in depth about the appliance of dry ice in a medical situation.  

Transporting Medical Materials

With its frigid temperatures and versatile packing ability, dry ice is commonly used as a refrigerant to transport medical materials. Dry ice is used to keep blood donations, organs, and other body parts cool while they are being transported to hospitals and other medical facilities. It’s because of the dry ice’s subzero temperatures that it’s more preferable to regular ice because it helps to keep cool sensitive materials like those listed before. Since dry ice can stay cold for extended periods without melting this is why medical facilities would prefer it to regular ice which will melt and possible damage the materials being transported.   

Cleaning Equipment

To clean all the medical tools that are used in a day can be a daunting task, but it won’t be a problem if you use dry ice blasting. This method of cleaning has been shown to extend the life of the tools that are cleaned compared to conventional cleaning methods that leave a residue on the tools. Not only is dry ice blasting a more cost-effective process, but it’s also free of harsh chemicals so it won’t contaminate anything else in a medical facility. Also, it’s easier to clean equipment without having to take them apart so it will never disrupt productivity in a hospital.

Storing Biomaterials

As discussed before, not only can dry ice helps in the transportation of blood donations and body parts, but it can also be used to store bio-materials as well. Vaccines and samples can stay cool thanks to dry ice for multiple days. Also, it’s useful to store them for extended periods if the hospital has lost power because of a storm. Not only that, but it’s perfect to use if regular refrigeration is not available for a certain time as well.

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