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The Concept Behind Making Dry Ice

The Concept Behind Making Dry Ice

The Concept Behind Making Dry Ice

The Dry Ice creation process is fascinating, and it can be used for various industries.

The creation of dry ice is surprisingly simple, but there are lots of steps that need to be done just right to end up with a great finished product. At Dry Ice Corp, we know a lot about making dry ice, since we do it every day! Here is a look into the creation of dry ice.

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide sublimates, which means that it turns right from a solid into a gas. Unlike water, which has three states, it has only two. Solid dry ice looks exactly like normal ice, but it needs to be kept extremely cold to stay in that state. Dry ice is typically kept at -78.5 degrees Celsius to avoid it turning into a gas.

How Is Dry Ice Used?

Dry ice can be used for a variety of purposes, including freezing fresh fruits and vegetables or doing science experiments with your children. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are going to be using dry ice is safety. Since it is so cold and since it melts into a dangerous substance to breathe in, you need to take plenty of safety precautions.

DIY Dry Ice

While we never suggest making dry ice at home, you can set up a science experiment to see how it is made and experience it firsthand. You should use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, heavy cloth gloves, an old pillowcase, goggles, and a lab coat to shield your body.


You should put the gloves and safety gear on first. Next, place the fire extinguisher nozzle into your old pillowcase. The nozzle should not be 100% sealed into the pillowcase. Then, press the trigger. The gas will not turn right into gas, but instead look like snow. This is a glimpse at how dry ice is created! The substance will evaporate very quickly and not leave anything behind. Lingvobalt.lt Vertimų biuras Vilniuje

Dry Ice from Dry Ice Corp

Dry Ice Corp is the largest regional supplier of dry ice and related products in the Northeastern United States. Our dry ice is fresh and delivered right to your doorstep. If you are interested in learning more about how dry ice blasting can keep your business clean, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (201) 767-3200 or contact us online for a quote. To connect with us online, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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