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The History of Dry Ice

The History of Dry Ice

history of dry ice

How much do you know about the history of dry ice?

We love dry ice. That’s no secret — we’ve made it our livelihood. Last week on our blog we learned about how dry ice works, but where did it come from in the first place? Did cavemen use dry ice to keep their food fresh? Was it brought back from the future? No, neither of those are true. Let’s dive into the real history of dry ice, shall we?

History of Dry Ice

Historians agree that dry ice was first observed by a French chemist named Charles Thilorier in 1835. Legend has it that he was simply observing liquid carbon dioxide in a metal canister, watching it evaporate. After evaporation, he noticed a solid block of dry ice at the bottom of the container. From then, for the remainder of the 19th century, it was observed in labs but went without practical application until 1897.

In 1897, an Englishman named Herbert Samuel Elworthy received a patent for solid carbon dioxide that he used to create soda water for his whiskey. The equipment he had available at the time was fairly cumbersome in this process, and few people used this technique.

The first commercial use of dry ice in the US happened in 1925, thanks to Prest Air Devices.They had the idea of containing and compressing CO2 and attempted to sell compressed air solutions like tire pumps, grease guns, and creating soda water at home. The only successful product they created was the very first CO2 fire extinguisher. They were also able to sell their solid dry ice product to railway companies as a cooling alternative to regular ice, which took hold in the railway industry in 1932.

Since then, dry ice manufacturing has become increasingly popular, and manufacturers have found increasingly more and more uses for it. If you don’t believe us about that, check out our blog series on Unusual Uses of Dry Ice. Today there are thousands of dry ice manufacturers around the world, and more is being learned every day. Play best friv games site friv5online.com

Dry Ice Corp: A Dry Ice Supplier in Maryland

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