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Regional Supplier of Dry Ice Products and Dry Ice Services. NE United States, VA, Wash.DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME and VT.

Order Fulfillment / Dry Ice Refrigeration

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Mail Order / Internet Shipments / Warm Weather Shipping


mailOrderTotal Dry Ice Supply Program – Testing & Analysis

We provide a “total” dry ice refrigeration supply including dry ice product for testing and confirmation of dry ice refrigeration requirements.

We can provide, through a computer based program, an estimate of how much dry ice refrigeration is required if you can provide the following;

  • Product Description
  • Standard size of shipping container (internal Length – Width – Height)
  • Shipping container style (i.e. – molded or panels)
  • Type of insulation (i.e – Styrofoam, urethane)
  • Thickness of insulation (i.e. – 1″, 2″, etc.)
  • Shipping time (24 hr. – 48 hr. – 72 hr., etc.)
  • Desired product temperature at time of delivery

For all of the above, estimates on container sizes or most popular container size can be used.  This will allow us to calculate how much dry ice is required to provide the required temperature profile under the most difficult (summer) conditions.  This refrigeration requirement would change of course, depending upon the season and area where product is shipped, warm weather states versus colder weather states.

Please provide as much info as possible!

Chocolate & Specialty Products

Please contact us to discuss your current or future application that requires Portable, Cost Effective Dry Ice Refrigeration for your Chocolate and Specialty Product Shipments.

For your high value chocolate & specialty products to maintain their quality, you need to maintain their temperature profile during mail order and “LTL” truck transport.  Dry Ice Corp. has been supplying various forms of dry ice to insure our customer’s chocolate & specialty products arrive at their destination within the temperature profiles required!  We have been servicing the leading candy, specialty and mail order companies along with Drug Store Chains and LTL shippers who transport chocolate candy and specialty products for over 40 years.  Our six branch distribution network covers the Northeastern United States!  Our continuing strength is “customized” packaging and professional distribution logistics.

We have experienced “local” Account-Applications personnel available to visit with you and discuss your application.

The Company we Keep!
We service many of the leading fine chocolate candy and specialty product companies in the Northeastern United States with their dry ice refrigeration requirements.

Cost Effective Refrigeration

Benefits of Dry Ice – Refrigerated Transport!

Dry Ice is said by many to be the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, portable refrigerant known to man.  The cold power, –109°F, of this innovative product is being used to maintain sub-zero, frozen and refrigerated temperatures for numerous products. PROVIDES REDUCED REFRIGERATION EXPENSES!

Improved Packaging!

Dry Ice goes from the solid state; block, pellet, slab, etc., directly to a gas.  It does not go into the liquid stage as it transfers its cold power to your products.  This is a great benefit in that there is no moisture concern for your packaging or product! IMPROVED PACKAGING!

Dry Ice removes 2 X’s the heat per pound as water ice.  Preventing heat buildup encourages longer shelf life of PERISHABLE products!  The inert carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is an excellent preservative and inhibits the growth of many forms of bacteria.

Dry Ice Refrigeration versus Gel Pack / Phase Change Materials

Dry Ice requires significantly less weight then gel packs and less volume in your shipments, REDUCE MAILING COSTS – SHIP MORE “PROFITABLE” PRODUCTS!

Download Printable Brochure [ PDF ]