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Regional Supplier of Dry Ice Products and Dry Ice Services. NE United States, VA, Wash.DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME and VT.

Pharmaceutical / Biotech Applications

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Portable, Cost Effective, Fresh Dry Ice Products for your Pharmaceutical. Research Labs, Diagnostic, University Hospitals, Medical, Bio-Tech, Bio-Science, Federal Research Labs & Support Industries

pharmaFrom the highest value pharmaceutical products to research & laboratory applications, Dry Ice Corp. has been supplying expertise and Uninterrupted Supply of “Essential” Dry Ice Requirements to insure our customer’s products are tested, stored and transported to their destination within the temperature profiles required! We have been servicing the leading Pharmaceutical, Research Labs, Diagnostic, University & Research Hospitals, Medical, Bio-Tech, Bio-Science, Federal Research Labs and support industries for over 40 years. Our six branch distribution network covers the Northeastern United States! Our continuing strength is “customized” packaging and professional distribution logistics.

Please contact us to discuss your current or future application that are Portable, Cost Effective Dry Ice Refrigeration. Experienced “Local” Senior Account personnel available to visit with you and review your application and implement customized “Best Practices-Dry Ice” Program.

Benefits of Dry Ice—Unlimited Applications!

Dry Ice is said by many to be the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, portable refrigerant known to man. The extreme cold –109°F of this innovative product is being used to maintain sub-zero, frozen and refrigerated temperatures for numerous products. REDUCED REFRIGERATION EXPENSES!

Dry Ice goes from the solid state; block, pellet, slab, etc., directly to a gas. It does not go into the liquid stage as it transfers its’ cold power to your products. This is a great benefit in that there is no moisture concern for your packaging or product!

Dry Ice removes 2X’s the heat per pound as water ice. Preventing heat buildup encourages longer shelf life of processed products! The inert carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is an excellent preservative and inhibits the growth of many forms of bacteria. Anglų kalbos dienos stovykla vaikams Vilniuje https://intellectus.lt/dienos-stovykla-vilniuje/

Value Added Dry Ice Programs – email us to arrange a meeting and receive the following information!
  • “Best Practices—Dry Ice” Comprehensive Guide 5% – 30% Savings on Your Dry Ice Purchases
  • Dry Ice Product Selection Guides—the dry ice form to meet the function!
  • Innovative “New” Packaged “Bagged Dry Ice Pellets” – Improved Product Integrity
  • Fresh Dry Ice vs. Old Dry Ice—Independent Laboratory Test Benefits Summary (3 pages)
  • Customized Business Continuity Plans (BCP) Emergency Refrigeration Supply Programs
  • Dry Ice Safety Manuals & Seminars
  • Dry Ice Corp. Executive Summary

*Some Programs require Dry Ice Corp. Service-Supply Agreement

Download Printable Brochure [ PDF ]