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Top Tips For Properly Shipping Fish With Dry Ice

Top Tips For Properly Shipping Fish With Dry Ice

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Transporting fish is easier with dry ice.

Transporting fish requires some planning and preparation. It is not as simple as throwing the fish into any box and covering it with ice. You always need to ask yourself questions such as are the fish fresh or frozen? How long will it take to get the fish to the destination? How should the fish be packaged? If the shipping process is not giving adequate attention and consideration your fish could end up going to waste. Dry Ice can be a very useful tool when shipping fish.

Types Of Containers

There are a few types of containers that are commonly used to ship fish. There is the two-piece wax box, the foam box, or the CF-60 Box. They each have their advantages and disadvantages and should be used for different situations. The wax box is readily available in most retail stores and comes in various smaller sizes. It is good for smaller quantities of fish; however, it does not include insulation so it’s not ideal for trips longer than 12 hours. The foam box, on the other hand, is great for keeping your fish fresh for over a day, but it does need an outer corrugated box if it’s placed on an airplane. The CF-60 box is a 50-pound box that is used for transporting fresh and frozen fish. It is primarily only meant for large quantities of fish.


Unlike frozen fish, fresh fridge always needs to be kept refrigerated. Dry Ice is one of the most common types of refrigerant and one of the most effective. Most airlines will not permit wet ice because it melts. If the airline accepts it, dry ice is a great option.

Packing Your Fish

When packing your fish into any vessel it is incredibly important to remove as much air out of the box as possible! Air will keep your fish from staying fresh or frozen.

Dry Ice For All Of Your Needs

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