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How Does Dry Ice Ship?

How Does Dry Ice Ship?

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How does dry ice get to your doorstep?

At Dry Ice Corp. we love using dry ice to ship a whole variety of things. It does a fantastic job of keeping food fresh, keeping frozen things frozen, and keeping anything cool over long distances. How can you use dry ice to ship your goods?

What Are You Shipping?

Shipping food or perishables in the mail requires you to have dry ice in the container, properly contained, and properly labeled and paid for. Since food is the most commonly shipped thing with dry ice, we will go over the steps for shipping that!

Purchase the Dry Ice

To ship easily, purchase pre-sealed packages of dry ice that work well in shipping containers. These are specifically designed to prevent any leaks and to keep your food safe throughout the transit process. Dry ice is ideal for shipping food, as it won’t get the contents wet during the process. If you ship with ice packs instead, they will melt and leave dew or condensation on the products inside. Dry ice is colder, which makes it especially ideal for shipping products that can easily spoil.

How Should I Pack the Food?

Make sure that you buy the right package. Ideally, you should purchase a sturdy corrugated cardboard box that can stand up to rough handling. Add a layer of Styrofoam to the inside of the box, whether it’s a Styrofoam cooler or Styrofoam inserts. Styrofoam that is 2 inches thick will properly insulate the food and keep everything cold. Use gloves when handling the dry ice and place it on the bottom of the cooler. Wrap your perishable food securely and place it on top. Alternate between layers of dry ice and food, filling in extra space. Make sure that you don’t completely seal the container, otherwise, it could explode during the shipping process.

Dry Ice for All of Your Shipping Needs

Dry Ice Corp is the largest regional supplier of dry ice and related products in the Northeastern United States. Our dry ice is fresh and delivered right to your doorstep. We are happy to help you determine the best way to ship your goods, whether you have a huge amount of cookies or a single pie, and help you select the perfect amount of dry ice for the job. Give us a call at (201) 767-3200 or contact us online for a quote. To connect with us online, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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