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Shipping Food With Dry Ice

Shipping Food With Dry Ice

Whether your business is shipping food or your sending some fish to a family member across the country, the probability of the food spoiling is high. With dry ice, you won’t have to worry about your perishable shipment from going bad before it arrives at your customer. With its frigid temperatures, your package will stay cold enough to handle the journey. In this post, we will create a guide of how to successfully ship food with dry ice without causing any bumps in the road. 

Types of Containers

When shipping food with dry ice, you need the proper container to make sure everything will go well. If you pack everything using the wrong material, it can lead to unfortunate results.  Prepare your dry ice by putting into dry ice packs also, procure some quality fiberboard which will protect both your food and dry ice. If you want to be a bit more precautious add a layer of styrofoam into the container your using.  

Packing Fish

Furthermore, if your shipping fish, for example, you’re going to need particular containers that each have their pros and cons. The type containers used for this are a foam box, two-piece wax box, or the CF-60 Box. The one that is more readily available are wax boxes which can be found at most retail stores, and it comes in varying sizes. It’s primarily used for smaller amounts of fish, but there isn’t much insulation, so don’t ship if the journey is longer than 12 hours. The foam box, however, is excellent for keeping fish fresh for over 24 hours but if it’s shipped on a plane, you’ll need to place an outer corrugated box. Finally, the CF-60 is used primarily for shipping large quantities of fish because it’s a 50-pound box which can transport fresh and frozen fish.  

The Paperwork

Not surprisingly, when shipping something using dry ice requires a lot of paperwork. First off, make sure to label your shipping container with the correct address, so your package gets there. Also, since dry ice is considered a hazardous material make sure to label your container accordingly so the mail person can handle your package accordingly.



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