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Shipping with Dry Ice

Shipping with Dry Ice

shipping with dry ice

Make sure you know how to package your dry ice for shipping before sending it out.

Dry ice is commonly used to ship a number of perishable foods. If you find yourself shipping perishables, you can pack them with dry ice. This will make sure that they stay fresh and wholesome over the course of their trip. However, shipping food using dry ice presents certain challenges. It is very important to do your best to ensure that you have packed all of the items very carefully. You also have to deal with correctly filling out the paperwork and choosing the correct safety labels that are required when it comes to packages containing dry ice. Follow these tips to ensure shipping with dry is is safe, easy, and effective.

Purchase Dry Ice Prior To Shipping

Before you can pack materials using dry ice and even think about shipping them, you must have the dry ice. Dry Ice Corp offers dry ice for this purpose, though it can be purchased from several other sources. Some UPS or FedEx stores sell dry ice.

Make Sure You Have The Right Material For Safe Shipping

After purchasing dry ice, you will need to make sure you have the right material to pack it safely and securely. Dry ice releases carbon dioxide, which is potentially hazardous if it is not contained by the packaging or if the packaging ruptures during transit. It’s important to use a material that allows the release of pressure if your package is pressed down by other packages during shipment, so it does not rupture. High-quality fiberboard, plastic, and wooden boxes are ideal for shipping involving dry ice. Avoid using steel drums or jerrycans.

Be Safe

Make sure to take all precautions when handling dry ice so it does not touch your bare skin. Pack the box carefully so all of your food is protected, and then make sure the box is properly labelled, depending on where it’s going, and accounted for so shipping is safe.  Be prepared for extra costs.   

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