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Breathtaking Dry Ice Experiments for Your Classroom

Breathtaking Dry Ice Experiments for Your Classroom

Dry Ice

Looking to upgrade the experiments you perform in science class? Get yourself some dry ice and blow your students away.

Dry ice is a very interesting phenomenon in the world. It’s a compound that can be a solid, liquid or a gas. It can be so cold it can freeze flowers to glass and so cold if you stuck your finger in it, your finger will break into many pieces. This material can be a great thing to have in a controlled environment like a science classroom. If you are a science teacher, no matter the grade level, a dry ice experiment can create some mind-blowing opportunities that will have your students mouths on the floor in astonishment. 

Dry Ice and Water

One of the simplest experiences you can perform is with dry ice and water. You get a piece of dry ice and put it in a bowl of warm water. Once you do that because of the large gap of temperature between the dry ice and warm water smoke will start to emit from the bowl or whatever you decided to put the water and dry ice in. The smoke is safe for students to touch and could be a perfect decoration for Halloween.  

Inflate A Balloon

For this experiment, all you need is, of course, dry ice and a bottle with a little bit of water in it. Once you put the dry ice in the bottle allow the smoke to come out the bottle, then grab your balloon and put it on top of the bottle. The carbon dioxide that is emitting from the bottle will blow up the balloon and this is when you can show the difference between that and blowing a balloon up using your mouth. The balloon blown up by the dry ice smoke is heavier than a balloon using our mouths. Also, if you do this experiment with smaller kids you can allow them to chase each other around shooting the smoke out of the balloon.

Putting out a Fire

This experiment will show students that fire needs oxygen to continue to burn. The smoke given off from dry ice is carbon dioxide, put a piece of dry ice in a bowl of warm water and allow the smoke to bellow. Then strike a match and allow it to burn, once you do that stick the match in the smoke that is being emitted and the match will go out. It’s because of the match not having any more oxygen to allow the match to burn once you put it in the smoke.  

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