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Dry Ice vs. Wet Ice

Dry Ice vs. Wet Ice

Dry Ice vs. Wet Ice

Dry ice or wet ice? What’s the difference? How are each best used? Find out here.

Consumers and commercial industries alike find dry ice to work magic. Whether it be for fun or for work, dry ice saves the day. Wet ice too has its advantages, not requiring handling precautions like the other kind does. There is also debate whether or not dry ice really keeps colder than wet ice for longer. Both dry ice and wet ice have their advantages and uses. Here are their main differences, their cooling powers, and best uses.

Main Differences

The differences between the two types of ice derive from their very substance. 

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It is typically less than -100° Fahrenheit. Because it is frozen carbon dioxide, it does not melt, but rather sublimates. Sublimation is the transformation of a solid directly into a gas. One of the top precautions for using dry ice is to give room for ventilation, as the gas needs a place to go. Make sure to keep dry ice in a ventilated but insulated container, and to wear heavy gloves and long sleeves when handling.

Meanwhile, wet ice is simply frozen water and ranges 32° F and downward. Ice in the freezer will match the temperature of the freezer, and so may be in the negative degrees. Of course, ice melts, which leaves a puddle of water in your cooler after its cooling powers expire. 

Cooling Power

Dry Ice and wet ice may actually have the same duration for how long they can keep something cold. However, this may be due not to the quality of the ice, but the quantity. Dry ice sublimates about 5-10 pounds per 24 hours and comes in various forms including pellets, blocks, and slabs. Wet ice likewise has a short shelf life. Wet ice may keep your food cold for about the same period, but it will not have the same freezing power as dry ice. 

Best Uses

Dry ice is used in many fields, recreational, educational, and commercial. Because dry ice is so cold, dry ice blasting is an effective cleaning method in labs and factories. Industries also use it to ship food and preserve specimens in laboratories. Educationally, it works great to demonstrate scientific principles in class. Recreationally, dry ice can be used to keep food frozen, make bubbles, camping, and other things. 

Even so, dry ice may be overkill when all you want to do is keep something cold, but not necessarily frozen. Wet ice is still fantastic for plopping in your beverages, calming a swollen limb, and much more.

Dry Ice For All Your Needs

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