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Simple Dry Ice Tricks for the Classroom

Simple Dry Ice Tricks for the Classroom

Simple Dry Ice Tricks for the Classroom

Start this school year off with simple yet effective dry ice tricks.

Classes have started up and learning is getting back into full gear! While going to school again might not be the most exciting to schoolchildren, it can be with the assistance of that mysterious substance we call dry ice. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which turns from a solid directly into a gas (sublimation.) If you are looking to start your science class off to a fascinating start with dry ice, but want to keep it simple as well, here are four simple dry ice tricks you can share with your class.

Disappearing Ice

Perhaps the simplest experiment of them all, the disappearing ice trick is sure to amaze. Using the Scientific Method, you can ask the class to make a hypothesis on what will happen to a small chunk of dry ice and another small chunk of regular ice in an hour. The students may predict that both the dry ice and the regular ice will melt. Come back in an hour, and your students will be amazed to find that the dry ice piece has not melted, but disappeared. Where did it go? Because it is made of carbon dioxide, it sublimated into the air.

Spooky Fog Effect

The spooky fog effect is the most common usage of dry ice. A common way to create a spooky atmosphere at Halloween, this trick shows students a sped-up version of what sublimation looks like. With a glass of warm water, use gloves or tongs to place a piece of dry ice inside. The water must be warm, as this will cause the frozen carbon dioxide to sublimate more dramatically. Once the dry ice cools the water, you can add more warm water to keep it going. The result is a spectacular display of overspilling fog.

Exploding Bubbles

Want to step it up a notch? Just add soap. The addition of some dish detergent will produce not only fog, but exploding bubbles as well. For the best effect, use a tall cylindrical glass, add warm water, food coloring, and finally the dry ice. Remember to use gloves or tongs to handle dry ice, as touching dry ice will burn skin. Once you add the dry ice, you and your class can watch as little carbon dioxide bubbles spill over the top and burst into a magical mist.

Bubbling Beverage

A surprise treat in class? Yes please! You can make this fall extra fun by treating the class with a fizzy juice beverage, like apple cider or apple juice. In a large serving bowl, add dry ice to the juice or cider. The concoction will bubble and smoke like a witch’s brew. Wait until all the dry ice has dissolved before serving. There you have it, a tasty, carbonated drink!

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