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Use Dry Ice to Freeze Bubbles and Impress Students on their First Day Back

Use Dry Ice to Freeze Bubbles and Impress Students on their First Day Back

freeze bubbles

Start this school year off on the right foot with some cool dry ice science.

Bubbles are inherently interesting, especially to young children. They float around seemingly lighter than air and too fragile to touch. Besides looking cool, bubbles are great examples of some interesting scientific principles like heat exchange and density. A little dry ice can help you display these principles in a truly captivating way: By freezing them!


  • Dry ice
  • Gloves: Always wear proper protection when handling dry ice!
  • Bubble solution
  • Glass bowl


After putting on your gloves, place the dry ice into the glass bowl. It’s still a good idea to use tongs when handling dry ice, as the extremely low temperature can burn you. Allow the CO2 gas created by the sublimation of the dry ice to collect in the bottom of the bowl for a few minutes. Use the bubble solution to blow bubbles into the bowl. Once the bubbles begin to cool they will sink through the fog and towards the dry ice. Once the bubbles sink to the bottom and hit the dry ice, they’ll freeze. Once they do, you will be able to pick up the bubbles and handle them. Eventually the bubbles will thaw and pop as they warm up.

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