“Local Service-Regional Supply Strength”

“Customized Packaging-Customized Distribution”


Regional Supplier of Dry Ice Products and Dry Ice Services. NE United States, VA, Wash.DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME and VT.

Value Added Programs

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Below is a “summary” of our “Total Dry Ice Supply Program.” Our Total Dry Ice Supply Program includes an on-site review of our “Best Practices-Dry Ice” Comprehensive Guide. Or to find out more about Dry Ice Corp, Click Here.

3M Program: Monitor, Measure, Minimize

As part of the “On-Site” review of your current dry ice program, we include a 3M Program analysis of your current dry ice program by one of our “local” sales/applications experts. The 3M Program helps you to Monitor your current dry ice usage, Measure the amount you are using and identifies ways to Minimize all associated costs!

Best Practices – Dry Ice Programs

Based on implementation of our educational “Best Practices-Dry Ice” Programs, On-Site reviews and 3M Program analysis, we have been able to assist many of our customers to save an “average” of 15% on their dry ice requirements! If your dry ice vendor does not provide educational programs on how to cost effectively use your dry ice products, you can realize savings of as much as 30%!

Please call or email us to set up your customized on-site review and analysis and let us show you how to cost effectively manage your dry ice purchases, inventory and usage.

Dry Ice Corp.’s  “Comprehensive Dry Ice Supply Program”
Executive Summary Outline

  • Largest “Regional” Dry Ice Supplier – United States
  • “Local” Service – 5 branches Baltimore to Boston
  • Baltimore, MD – Philadelphia, PA – Maspeth (New York City), NY.
    Branford, CT – Rockland (Boston), MA


  • Customized Packaging
  • Customized Distribution of your “essential” dry ice products
    • 100+ Delivery Vehicles
  • High service levels – “Fresh Dry Ice”
  • Dependable CO2 / Dry Ice Supply Partners’
  • Best Practices Dry Ice Comprehensive Guide(5-30% Savings on your Dry Ice Purchases)
    • Just In Time Manufacturing & Delivery
    • Inventory Management (First In – First Out)
      • Proper Product Rotation (Color Coded)
    • Guidelines to Minimize Sublimation
    • 3M Program
      • Monitor, Measure, Minimize
    • Insulated Container System Management
    • Safety Program
    • Customer Relationship Management Program
    • Site Visits – Monthly, Quarterly, Annual
  • Product Selection Guide
    • Products designed for your application
  • Customer Service & Technical Support
    • 5 Local Branches
  • Transition Implementation
    • 100 lbs. – 100,000 lbs. weekly
  • Innovation
    • Packaging & Products
    • Bagged Dry Ice Pellets
    • Mechanically Processed, Packaged & Sealed Fifth Cuts
    • Mechanically Processed, Packaged & Sealed Mini-Blocks
    • ERGO-400 On-Site Insulated Container System
  • Investment Enhancements
    • Reduced Volume Requirements
  • Business Continuity Plan – Emergency Contact Information
  • Investment Review with “Projected Savings”